Sunday, October 5, 2008

Confessions of an "Outsider"

Its funny - when I first moved to Bradford I wondered "what the heck have we done?". Back in 1992 they really did roll up the pavement at 6pm every day. (I had been an accidental visitor in 1989 when I was travelling in a van load of fellow employees of Canada Law Book to a golf tournament in Innisfil. We stopped at the VI on the way back and I stood at the 'four corners' convinced that I had been transported into a movie about the ugliest hick town on the planet.)

You know, I think there's merit in the saying 'you only get out of something what you put into it'. I became more and more involved in the community. Eventually, I began a career in Real Estate and decided from day one that giving back to the community would be one of my top priorities.
Since we have 3 children, it made sense to financially sponsor their sports teams. What a better way to 'give back' than to help provide activities to keep our kids positively engaged and off the streets.
Bradford had truly become 'home' for me and my family. Imagine my surprise when, in walking my talk, I decided to have some printing done locally for advertising materials and had the most bizarre exchange. Upon informing the proprietor (ho has apparently lived in this town since The Bradford Times was delivered by roman paperboys on chariots) that even though the prices were slightly higher than I could procure elsewhere I felt it was important to support local businessess. Imagine my disbelief at the response: "What a refreshing attitude from an ousider". WOW I had no idea that 12 years of being involved in a community still classified one as an outsider.
Being confident about my role in our thriving community, I just let it go. I have great respect for the families who have helped to grow and shape Bradford into what it has become today, and I know that the combination of history and experience, along with fresh ideas and forward vision will help our Town become a better place for all.

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Westcoast Walker said...

Thanks to active and progressive "outsiders" like you the Town of Bradford can now proudly wait until at least 7pm before rolling up the pavement. Progress takes time I hear and happens in small increments.

PS. I'll send my election condolences in advance - don't worry, Justin Trudeau will win by a landslide in 2012!