Saturday, April 11, 2009

Evolotion of a career

I wonder what I really want to be when I grow up.

My real estate career is quite successful. My partner Tracey makes it worthwhile to go to work every day. But increasingly this is becoming a way to pay the bills and I find myself searching elsewhere for gratification, for lack of a better word at 4:22 in the morning.

I find that I have the urge to write. With no formal training, I realize that this is not yet a way to pay the bills (and according to many people with whom I've spoken it may never be). And so it goes.... another chapter in my career unfolds in the same manner as everything else I've accomplished: by the seat of my pants! Mix 2 parts B.S. with a little confidence in myself and I'm working hard to build a portfolio - albeit a limited one for starters.

After 3 issues of BBT Voice I had to move on because I couldn't stand the fact that the Board did not view me as a true editor, and tried to take control by censoring my ideas in favour of some not clearly identified or properly articulated sense of "political correctness". I may be new but I still have integrity when it comes to my writing. So as much as I will miss working on this project, it is amazing how when one is sending out the right signals, other opportunities present themselves. Last night I had a conversation with my new friend Chuck MacLeod of Snap South Simcoe and while his inaugural issue was a great success, he just needs a little help with some editorial content. Its a big job to handle sales and covering all the events. How opportune. I'm already starting work on my first assignment.

So I wonder... will I ever be able to make a career of this? And if I do, would I be willing to give up real estate? Hmmmmm....

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