Monday, July 27, 2009

Do Over's

This morning I had to change my voicemail. On Friday I had recorded a message indicating that I would be away for the weekend and would not be returning calls in a timely manner - an essential move in my business. So today, being back in the office, I had to make change my message back to the generic "Hi, you've reached Tina Sibbald of Royal LePage Your Community Realty. I'm sorry I've missed your call but do leave a message and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can".

Except, I played it back and I sounded too whiny. So I recorded it again. Then I stumbled over my words and sounded like I had a speech impediment. So I recorded again. Having found fault with the next 4 takes, I finally settled on one which would suffice until the next time I have to record an extended absence greeting.

You gotta love do-overs. We had them as kids. I missed hitting the other kid's chestnut in the chestnut fight so I got to do it over. We were playing t-ball and I missed three times so I got to do it over.

Which brings me to the present. Can you imagine how rich I'd be if I could bottle a 'do-over' potion? Imagine if Bill Clinton could have a do over for the day he met Monica? Stephen Paige could have a do over for the day he decided to buy that cocaine? Michael Jackson could have a do over for the day he filmed that ill-fated Pepsi commercial where his hair caught on fire and sent him into a downward spiral of pain killer addiction?

I was thinking of all the do-overs I'd like to have. There seem to be a lot of them lately, none of which I care to elaborate on in this forum because, unlike the ones I mentioned above, I have not become notorious and famous (at least not yet).

Sometimes its as simple as the words floating out of one's mouth, instantly regretted as they are uttered, yet out there and impossible to take back no matter how frantically one grabs at them. Sometimes they are a helluva lot more complicated and involve actions which have a long lasting and sometimes irreversible effect on the another person.

If I could turn back time.....

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