Monday, February 20, 2012


Monday, February 20th. "Family Day" in Ontario. Another excuse for Civil Servants, Teachers and Bankers to have a paid day off.  Whatever. My family decided to go skiing today, and I gladly arose at 6:30 this morning to help them get out the door by 7:00. As for me, the human accident looking for a place to happen - they know me by name at Southlake's fracture clinic so I think I'll take a miss.
Then I crawled back into bed.  Something startled me - probably the bizarre dream in which I was  saving the world. It was 10:45. I fell in and out of consciousness and when the news came on at noon, I dragged myself to the kitchen to find something to eat, heated a bowl of last night's pasta and took it back to my room.  Oops there's spaghetti sauce on the newly washed sheets.  Oh well, I don't do laundry - wipe it up, keep eating, put the bowl on the floor. And fall asleep.

The phone's not really ringing today, and I can't think of a soul for whom I have the energy or interest to have a conversation.  I'm just fine with my own company thank you very much. I awaken and it is 1:30. I'm forced to channel surf because the most ridiculously stupid waste of television air time happens to be on - I thought most of the soap operas had been killed off - do people still really watch that stuff? Wow, no kidding huh?
I find a talk show re-run. And doze off.
I've been feeling guilty off and on about accomplishing nothing today, but obviously not guilty enough to do anything about it. Going full tilt 7 days a week can take its toll.  It was kind of nice to regroup, re-energize, and have no one looking for me. Who is really going ot notice if I don't save the world today - they're all goofing off too!
Tomorrow the war begins again, the battle against time to accomplish so much with so little of it. The demands, the phone calls, the making everyone happy.
But today was about me. I accomplished zilch. Zero.  Nada. Nothing. Guilt be damned. I had a great time!
I fluttered some more in and  out of consciousness. But now, it is suddenly 3:45. The family will be home soon and I promised them my famous meatloaf for dinner.
And so it begins again *sigh*... but it was fun for a while........

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Amanda said...

We need more days like this - our world is so frenzied - especially this time of year (Christmas Season) Good post, makes me not feel so guilty now when I take a day off here and rarely a there - lol;)