Monday, February 1, 2010

Bridezilla's Got Nothing on Me Baby!

Lauren is in grade 8. We've put down a deposit on the grad trip, and talks about where we're going shopping for a prom dress have begun.

I wasn't anticipating becoming emotionally involved in this but I'm getting in deeper with each passing day. As Lauren's excitement grows mine does too. Funny how it wasn't the same with her older brothers - at least not to the same extent. After all, a tux is a tux. But all this talk of a dress and shoes and makeup and hair and I realize how much fun it is to be the mom of a beautiful, smart young woman who is quickly growing up before my eyes.

I've already made the pledge to myself - I will not exert undue influence on her choice of a frock for grad festivities. Short of stopping her from dressing like a trollop, I will allow her the freedom to express herself as she sees fit. Somehow I know we'll be on the same page, or at least within the same chapter of the book.

What I will do is be there to make sure everything goes perfectly for her. And that's where it starts to get scary. Lauren wants to make sure her hair is perfect that day, so I've booked her cut and colour and a trial run of the 'do' about a week before the big day. Then, while I was at our hairdresser's I phoned the school, confirmed the date for Grade 8 grad and booked the hair appointment for 1pm that day - knowing full well that my daughter has done such a good job promoting our stylist that at least a dozen other girls from her school are his clients now too. I'll be darned if Lauren will be out in the cold for a hair appointment on her big day. We're in baby and it'll be impossible to convince us to give up our precious time slot.

I'm already checking the new stock as it comes in to my fav shop. They have a registry there which prevents other girls at the same school from buying the identical e dress once we've procured it. I have an "in" there and I get to see everything before it is put out on the floor.

Oh yeah, I won't interfere with her choices - the day is all hers. But she won't ever forget that mom helped make it all happen and cheered from the sidelines all the way.

The only thing left to do is make sure I pick up a waterproof mascara for June 24th. Prom is a blood sport so let the games begin!

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