Friday, February 26, 2010

Sorry Eh? Not so much!

I wonder where it all started - this terrible habit of self-deprecation. "We're Canadian, so we're nice; not in your face; we don't brag; we play nice in the world sandbox". Whose brilliant idea was this, because they don't speak for me.

A commercial for President's Choice products talks about how their food feeds our athletes and how we have something about which to brag - "but not too much - after all, we're Canadian". Galen Weston acting like a subservient wuss is not only offensive and demeaning, but it is not inspiring me to buy his family's pre-cooked convenience food.

Russian media is having a pity fest because, well basically, they SUCK in these Olympics, so they make comments about how we have a permanent inferiority complex living next door to the world's most powerful nation. Hmph... we're taking our pucks and going home because those mean Canadians beat us at hockey. Somehow this becomes a slam on our military too - and a general we hate Canada rant. Any Russians who share the sentiment of their media are quite free NOT to emigrate to one of the highest standards of living on the planet. Better yet, they are quite welcome to move to that crowded crime filled sardine can south of Windsor.

Our women's hockey team had the Americans for lunch, then spit them out and walked away with a gold medal. Then they partied and had a good time and everyone is up in arms because, oh my gosh, they were drinking beer and sharing a cigar. Oh that's right, we're not supposed to brag and carry on! Let me tell you this: Well behaved women rarely make history! So, I say way to go Hailey et al! You are my heroes.

The media is partly to blame for keeping the fairy tale alive that Canadians are just 'nice' people who are meek and conciliatory and quietly live in the shadow of our Big American Brothers.

Well not this Canadian chick! I proudly wear the maple leaf anywhere I travel in the world because, frankly, I'd rather not be mistaken for an American! As of today we are tied with the Americans and Germans at 8 gold medals and I'm damn proud. Our Canadian women kicked ass in hockey, and I'd like nothing more than to see our men do the same, even if they are inferior to the female talent we produce here (that's a whole other post...).

There's no inferiority complex here. I'm Canadian and I cannot imagine wanting to be anything but Canadian.

So, here's to showing the world what we're made of as the Olympics wind down. 200 million to 20 million population tells me we produce more winners per capita than our neighbours to the south. Bring it.... we can lay it down with the best of them.

Oh Canada....without apology to anyone, anywhere, is MY home and native land.

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