Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Matter of Convenience

Most people take stock around the first of January. Given my proclivity to swimming upstream just because I don't do anything the easy way, I wait until a little way into the year to analyze how its going so far.

I've realized something. The less friends I have the happier I am. It's time to cut the fat, as it were. I have a ton of acquaintances - that's the nature of my business. I'm always out schmoozing, working a room, making strategic alliances.

But when I'm feeling bummed and I just want a friendly "hello" who do I call or text? The list is short, and getting shorter as I raise my expectations of what a friend should be. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about being needy, wanting a perpetual shoulder to cry on or that sort of thing. I'm talking about just touching base, knowing that whether I need something or not is irrelevant. Sometims just the voice of a friend or a quick joke by text does the trick. Once in a while but hardly ever it involves dropping what you're doing and being there for me. I have been that to a lot of people - un-reciprocated in some cases. And the thing is, being a friend can sometimes be inconvenient, but the worst case scenarios I expect from a true friend is "In the middle of something babe, let me call you in 20 minutes". And then they do.

And when one is all that to other people and it doesn't go both ways, it becomes evident that what really exists here is a friendship of convenience, for the other party, not me. Or really maybe it was nothing more than acquaintances from the beginning.

Yep, it's time to do some trimming. It might seem shocking to some that I'm dumping friends in a public forum, but you know what? They'll never know, because the one's I've dumped are the ones who will never read this anyway.

It's all good.

Less baggage, good to go. Get on board or get outta my way. Lock and load baby its gonna be a great year!

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