Sunday, February 21, 2010

Too Hungry for a slice of Entitlement

This post runs the risk of falling into the category of "when I was in school we walked 5 miles through the snow uphill both ways every day". Except it has to do with being in my profession. Apologies to all who aren't, but somehow I think you'll get it, nonetheless.

When I was new to Real Estate, I was hungry. It had to work - failure was not an option because there weren't many more quarters in the huge glass jar to roll so I we could buy milk for the kids. (Slight exaggeration but you get the idea). My pager never left my belt loop. I practically slept with it on. I worked between six and seven days a week, and I missed a LOT of soccer and hockey games. Like I said, I was hungry.

Eight years later I still conduct business like I'm hungry.

Which brings me to what kinda got me hyped up today.

It was a little busy - dropping off feature sheets, showings, working the phones to procure multiple offers on a hot new listing. My pager beeps, and it is a message to call a local number. As always, I call back within 5 minutes. The lady wants to see the hot new listing - the very one I hope will sell in multiple offers tonight. I have no idea how I'm going to fit her in, but I know that in the best interests of our client we have to get her in there today in case she wants to submit an offer too.

So I do what any top producing realtor with a share-the wealth attitude would do. I put out the word to my colleagues, thinking particularly of the newbies who could use a break.

Imagine my surprise when the first person to return my call is the third busiest person in the office (after me and my partner Tracey). He saw the page, knew he could help and got right back to me. These are likely bona-fide clients with a little hand holding, so I'm quite pleased with the results and I know the situation is in good hands!

Now, digressing for a moment, I hear stories all the time of new Realtors who think they are going to walk into a brokerage and "interview the manager or broker" like they are all that and the brokerage would be lucky just to have them. "How many leads will you hand me?" is the question I hear most. I laugh, thinking I could be absolutely rich if I had ever been "handed leads".

Its all about old fashioned hard work. Not waiting six hours to look at the blackberry or return calls. Getting out there and meeting people, conducting open houses and hanging off every word out of the mouth of the company's top producers. Things I still do.

It becomes apparent on days like today why it is so true that 10% of us do 90% of the business.

When I got a call six hours later 'wondering if anyone had taken care of that client', I really wanted to laugh, but I couldn't.

God help me if the hunger pangs ever go away.

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Michelle Risi said...


I love this post! You are so right.....sometimes it boggles my mind that opportunities are being missed. In our world of "immediate connect" (pda's cell phones, black berry etc.), there should be no reason for not responding asap...unless of course there is an excuse. As Sandra's favorite saying goes.."When we want something, we find a way, and when we don't, we find an excuse". I will do my part in finding out what the excuse is...perhaps fear of failure, or worse, fear of success!